Teaser ~ Deadly Crush

Want a teaser from my upcoming release, Deadly Crush?  Well, here it is …

“You okay?” the new guy asked, pulling me back to the parking lot.

I glanced at him and offered what I was sure was a scary looking smile. It felt forced and strained. “Um, yeah, thank you, um, Aidan, was it?” I asked. Confused didn’t even begin to explain the turmoil that was swarming my brain.

“No problem,” he said with a wink. His voice was deep, but warm, and held a bit of laughter in it, and I had to admit, the sound of his voice made tiny little butterflies flap in my belly. Or were the butterflies from relief? I wasn’t entirely sure.

“You know Dominic?” I asked, squinting up at him, and raising my hand to shield the glare from the sun. He was cute, in a rugged sort of way. His hair was shaggy, light brown, and uneven, and his strong jaw line was rough looking with stubble. He looked to be about six-foot, and he was built, but not in a muscle builder kind of way — it was softer — but still showed his undeniable strength.

Aidan chuckled. It was deep and soft and the best sound ever, and he gave me a knowing kind of smile as he watched me take him in. I blushed. “Doesn’t everyone in this town know him?” he asked.

“Yeah, they do, but you’re clearly new.” Because if you weren’t new, you would have pretended not to see Dominic dragging me to his car. Aidan may have looked strong, but human muscles were more of a decoration than anything else against the werewolves.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked. A wide grin curled his lips. “I can’t know people because I’m new?” Aidan chuckled again, and I couldn’t help but smile at him. I just loved that sound. It vibrated through me and made my skin tingle.

“Okay, so that probably came out wrong.” I dropped my gaze to the ground, trying to hide the burning blush that was rushing up my neck.

Stay tuned for updates, a sneak peek chapter, and cover reveal coming soon. 🙂

Happy Reading!