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Secrets and Lies is LIVE.

Surprise!!! Secrets and Lies is LIVE and to celebrate, the Cheating Death series got a makeover. I’m loving the new covers, and I hope you all do too!


What does a Grim Reaper on suspension do to fill her time? She becomes a consulting psychic detective, of course

Alexa Cross never meant to tell Detective Cameron Kelley she was psychic, but she didn’t have much choice in the matter. It’s not like she could have told him the truth about being a Grim Reaper. Even if he did believe her, no way was she going to risk breaking one of Death’s rules and getting sent to Purgatory.

But when Alexa finds out that mayoral candidate, Greyson Darrow’s plane crashed, and the dead man inside is not Greyson Darrow, she does what any fake psychic would do: Go to the police and tell them they’ve got it all wrong.

The problem is, Alexa really isn’t psychic, and she finds herself caught in a web of secrets and lies as she tries to solve the case.

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We all die. Some of us sooner than later.

Alexa Cross never thought her existence would revolve around death. In life, as a nurse, she helped save people. But life has a funny way of throwing the unexpected because, in the afterlife, she spends her time watching people die and collecting their souls. As much as she wants to stop the deaths, she knows death is inevitable, and it cannot be stopped.

However, when a serial killer decides to take up shop in her district, Alexa can’t sit back and do nothing. No one should die like that, and she’s determined to alter Death’s timeline. However, to do that, she needs to embrace who she is now and break some rules. It’s the only chance she has of stopping the person responsible for the vicious murders.

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