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For those of you who may have missed it, today I wanted to share a guest post that I did for Jonel @ Pure Jonel Book Reviews.  I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂

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Originally posted on March 31, 2013 at Pure Jonel Book Reviews

Today I’m going to share my vampire revelation. Last week, I was chatting with a friend about my upcoming release of The Soul’s Mark: BROKEN, and he asked me: How do your vampires become vampires?

Of course, I wouldn’t tell him because, well, I didn’t want to spoil it, but the conversation spiraled from there, and it got me thinking …

For those of you who have an author friend, you know that we think a lot. Ideas pop up, and we pick over them. For myself, I’ll spend weeks on one idea until it makes sense. Fiction needs to be more believable than real life, and if I don’t believe it happened my readers won’t either.

Anyway, back to the vampires … during my research for The Soul’s Mark Series, I read a lot of vampire books. One thing I found in a lot of them was that to become a vampire, you need to be bitten by one.

And now for my revelation … this doesn’t make sense.

Most books have vampires being around forever. The older books have vampires only eating human blood. So, if they’ve been around forever, and only eat people, then they would have to change or kill every person they bite. How long would the race actually survive doing this? Surely not thousands, upon thousands, of years.

Vampires are supposed to be crafty—survivors. However, how can they survive if they are changing/killing their food? Sooner or later, they would become extinct, or if not them, their food would. They would drain their resources.

This, to me, does not sound like crafty survivors. It sounds like a one-way ticket to disaster. Once they change all their food into vampires, what would they eat? Let’s say at this point, they adapt and move on to animals … would we then have a bunch of vampire animals? *Shudders* Now that would suck.

But, even if they did adapt, in the end, and at some point it would come to an end, the vampires would again drain their resources. If they are changing/killing everything, there would be no one left to reproduce more food for them, and they would eventually die off, too.

And those are my thoughts on why you cannot become a vampire by being bitten alone.

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  1. I always thought that too! Especially when I read Twilight. But I think that the Vampire Diaries (the books and the TV show) has a good explanation. To turn a human into a vampire, the human must ingest vampire blood and be killed before it leaves their system (around 24 hours). Then, after they “wake up” they must drink human blood to complete the transition before another 24 hours pass or they’ll die. Now, the TV show also added an explanation to the origin of vampires. Regarding the Original Immortal, Silas, and the Original Vampires both were caused by powerful witches casting a spell and it was by the Original Vampires that all others were turned.

    Well, that was my TVD fan-girl explanation.

    I was so happy reading this post and to learn that I wasn’t the only one who thought about the population statistics of vampires and prey.

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