Is your destiny written in stone?

I have always been a lover of theories on destiny and when you toss soulmates into the mix, the theories become almost magical. In a sense, destiny and soulmates are like a wonderful fairytale that lies in front of us just waiting to be uncovered.

Some say that we create our own destiny. We make decision, and each decision alters our path. Others say that our destiny is set in stone. We can take the long road or the short road, but no matter what we will end up at the same place.

I like to think that my destiny lies somewhere in the middle. I don’t believe that there is just one way to our destiny or that there is only one version of destiny. Each one of us has more than one path, and our decisions along the way dictate which path we take.

In the end, each path will lead us to a different outcome. So, I think, we do not create our own destiny but only choose which version of destiny we will follow.

If my theory is correct, and we do, in fact, have more than one possible destiny, does that mean that we have more than one potential soulmate? Or will we only find our soulmate when we both choose the same path?

What do you think?