Writing Tips and Tricks (2)

Today’s Trick: Write the ending before the beginning.

Some writers only outline as far as they can see. Maybe it’s the first quarter of a story, or the first half. It can be sort of like driving down an old forest road in the middle of the night with no map, only seeing as far as the headlights reach.

I’m not one of those people. I like to see the whole picture and know exactly where I’m going. It’s so much easier to get somewhere if you know where you’re going first.

I use this little trick for each book I write. As part of my outlining process, I found that writing out an ending, typically the last two scenes of the story helps give me a clear vision of the entire book.

Sure the ending that I’ve written doesn’t always stay the same. Sometimes when I’ve finished the story the ending is way off from what I’ve envisioned, but writing it first lays the path for my characters and gives them solid goals to reach.

Well that’s my trick for the day.

Happy writing!

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